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  • Date   :   2015-12-30
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31 years in environment service

Commitment to continue to develop sales of high-quality protection of the environment through effective management and qualified personnel and industrial equipment.


To be a world-class maker Saudi origin leading quality products interested in its customers keen to develop its staff.



Integrity  We believe that the prestige and excellent reputation are essential to the success of our business, our work ethics and professionalism
at the highest level and take into account the requirements of honesty and integrity in our dealings with our partners.
Excellence  We understand the needs of our customers and we will do our best to satisfy them by focusing on the quality component of our
business, our services and initiate to exert more effort to plague excellence in meeting their desires.
Innovation  Always strive to learn and support useful innovations, taking advantage of the expertise and experience of other global and local
leading world-class expertise and welcoming the positive change that results from the creativity and ambitions for the development of our
Leadership  We are working on the development of talent and create a leadership capacity to find solutions to work effectively designed to
meet the needs of our customers and the development of markets for our products, upgrading our employees and to benefit the shareholders,
through the optimum utilization of funds, resources and technologies that could lead to the development of the concept of leadership in the
Community  We aspire to serve the community by achieving success in our business and the welfare of our employees and the communities
within which we work, as we seek through our culture, thoughts, environmental concerns and our collective action to consolidate our
distinctive values in our dealings with members of the community around us.


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